Nourish New Life

Cooking Parties & Postpartum Support

What we offer

Nourish New Life is based in San Francisco, California and aims to help expectant parents prepare for the postpartum period by hosting a cooking party before the baby arrives.

In addition to this core service of cooking parties, I offer immediate and more long-term postpartum support as well as general nutritional guidance throughout the lifecycle.

Having hosted a cooking party before the arrival of each of my children, feasting on this nourishing food was transformative in both of my postpartum paths to healing and in allowing the time to reconnect with myself in the early days of parenthood.

Why nourishment and support matter

Having nourishing food on demand as well as reliable support postpartum are critical in the transformation to parenthood. Eating nutrient dense foods during the postpartum period supports repairing tissue, recovering blood and fluid loss, protecting mental health, shifting hormone levels, rebuilding the microbiome, producing high quality milk, and can even help prevent autoimmune and other chronic diseases.  Receiving support helps foster a sense of connection and community, helps with breastfeeding, and also protects mental health.

"[The food] has been unspeakably helpful for the last few weeks!! Honestly, it’s been such a lifesaver and we are just so appreciative of the support."

"Mandy was the #1 thing/person that helped me adjust in the early days and weeks postpartum. When we arrived home from the hospital, she had my husband and I strip down and go straight to the shower, while Mandy watched the baby so we could get clean, change, and settle back at home after being gone for a few days. She also swooped up our laundry from the hospital, where it magically appeared the next day washed and folded."

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