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Baby Blessing Cooking Party Reviews

"Our cooking party doubly served as our baby shower, where we were able to spend quality (& really fun) time together with our closest family and friends. Mandy literally thinks of every detail big and small to make this an incredibly special celebration. 

All 3 of our dishes: Minestrone with Giant White Beans and Squash, Spiced Chickpea Stew, & Lasagna with Roasted Broccoli were absolutely delicious. They tasted even more delicious knowing they were full of good stuff, helping my body recover and nourish my new baby. 

Looking back, this party is one among my favorite memories, and definitely helped my family feel stronger and more prepared in the months postpartum."

Ali and Cameron


"Thank you again for this amazing stockpile of food. It has been unspeakably helpful for the last few weeks!! My personal fav is the peanut stew, but they are all wonderful. Honestly, it’s been such a lifesaver and we are just so appreciative of the support."

Jess and Matt


"As a culinary nutrition expert, mother of two, and past Nourish New Life cooking party guest I can say that not only are these cooking parties fun and incredibly practical, but that the dishes are as nourishing for the soul as they are for the body. I can't imagine a better way to start off the newborn phase than with a wealth of delicious and wholesome meals cooked by people who love you. Also, Mandy's warmth and good humor are contagious - don't pass this up!" 

Kristen Rasmussen de Vasquez, MS, RDN

Lecturer at UC Berkeley | Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology

"We were so lucky to have a baby blessing party thrown by Mandy - it is truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

For planning the event, she has a wide variety of freezer friendly meals to select from so you can choose something you know will taste good to you later. She does all the hard work of getting the recipes and sourcing high quality ingredients. 

The cooking event itself is warm and celebratory - it’s a party to look forward to!

The value of the meals during those first postpartum weeks is incalculable. Having homemade, delicious, nutritious meals at our fingertips was such an absolute game changer. Mandy stored our meals in individual containers so it was easy to reheat it on the stove while we tended to other things. Eating meals that we were excited about, made us feel good, AND took no effort would have been an impossible fantasy without Mandy’s experience. We can’t thank Mandy enough!"

Allie and Kyle


Postpartum Care Reviews

"Mandy was the #1 thing/person that helped me adjust in the early days and weeks postpartum. When we arrived home from the hospital, she had my husband and I strip down and go straight to the shower, while Mandy watched the baby so we could get clean, change, and settle back at home after being gone for a few days. She also swooped up our laundry from the hospital, where it magically appeared the next day washed and folded. 

In the coming weeks our fridge was always stocked with healthy and prepped food options. As I had an unplanned C-Section, she had already set up my room and living space before I came home from the hospital in a way that was best for my body, to prevent any unnecessary bending or turning. 

Mandy coordinated an acupuncturist for several home visits, watching baby while both my husband I had treatments. She also coordinated a visit with a physical therapist and scar specialist, as these were services not provided in my regular (very sparse) care. I can never underestimate the difference all this made in my postpartum journey--it made the world of difference. Mandy is both professional, yet very nurturing."

Ali and Cameron