Baby Blessing Cooking Party

This is at the heart of the services I offer.

What: Gather a small group of your community of family and friends to help cook for you in the postpartum period. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring your loved ones together to help you prepare to nourish your body as you heal and bond with your new baby. This will provide you with 1 to 2 nourishing, high quality meals every day for 4 to 6 weeks postpartum. These parties are light-hearted and celebratory.

What you'll need to do: You will choose the guests you want to invite, which recipes to cook from a few options provided, and a date for when you would like to hold the party.

What I'll do: I will provide the invitations and communication with guests, the cooking space, ingredients, preparation, storage options, clean up, freezing of the food, and the food delivery.

Sliding scale price: $1200 - 2000.

This usually makes 90 to 115 portions of food.

Please note: This price includes all ingredients, which usually cost $500 to 600.

Timing: 3 hours per cooking party

Additional Offering

Weekly Postpartum Care & Support

After your baby is born, set yourself up for the best possible recovery with additional support.

You will choose a set day of the week postpartum for me to deliver your frozen food plus some fresh food once a week for four weeks.

I will deliver these fresh and frozen meals, give you an opportunity to rest, provide breastfeeding support, do light housework, offer emotional support, help establish rituals and routines in 4-hour chunks of time once per week.

Sliding scale price: $1000 - 1500

Timing: 4 hours weekly for the first 4 weeks postpartum

Additional Offering

Immediate Postpartum Home Meet & Greet Support

If your baby is born at the hospital or a birth center and you would like support immediately upon arriving home, this is a wonderful additional option for your family.

I will greet you at your home, take and do your laundry from birth, greet you with homemade bone broth and tea, hold your baby while you enjoy a warm shower with a homemade scrub, and then tidy up anything from laboring at home.

Sliding scale price: $300 - 500

Timing: 4 hours upon arriving home

Additional Offering

Nutritional Guidance throughout the Lifecycle

I also provide individual nutrition support therapy to assist you at other stages in your journey - from menstrual support to preconception, pregnancy to postpartum, or even introducing solids to your baby.

This can include an individual consult via Zoom or in person, a guided grocery store or farmers market tour, or an in-home cooking workshop.

Sliding scale price: $175 - 300

Timing: 90 minutes, as needed

Why sliding scale? 

The price on the lower end covers my costs to run my business; any price above that allows me the opportunity to provide services free of charge or at reduced cost to folks in need and to donate a cooking party as an auction item for a nonprofit fundraiser once per year. 

There is absolutely no expectation on the price point you choose to pay. 

Please contact me if these prices are out of your budget.