Frequently Asked Questions

What will be required of me?

For the Baby Blessing Cooking Party:

For Postpartum Services:

For General Nutritional Support:

When to host a Baby Blessing Cooking Party?

Ideally, we aim to schedule the cooking parties around 34 to 36 weeks gestation

These can be scheduled any day of the week Monday through Sunday that works for you and your guests.

Generally, the ideal timeframe on any given day tends to be 10AM to 1PM.

What will we be cooking?

Generally, we aim to prepare two soups or stews and one tray / pan sheet / oven recipe. Ingredients are based in whole, real, nourishing foods that are locally sourced when possible and almost entirely organic. I have a list of recipes that I can provide you to browse, or you can give me any recipes and I am happy to scale them. 

In the postpartum period, we want to focus on warming, nutrient-dense foods. Recipes tend to include bone broth, ginger, garlic, and other warming foods. 

For my own Baby Blessing Cooking Parties, I prepared a batch of chili (stew meat, bone broth, beans, vegetables, dried chilis, and more), African peanut stew (vegetables, bone broth, curry powder, ginger, garlic, peanut butter, edamame, and more), and beet balls (pureed liver, ground beef, egg, beets, carrots, onions, and more). 

Where will we be cooking?

For now, the cooking parties will be hosted at my home in the Mission District of San Francisco.

In the future, I would love to find a way to make the cooking parties mobile, so that they can be in your own home!

Why don't you cook for us? Why a party?

This is a tremendous way for you to be with your community in this sacred time. There is power in cooking together with your own community to help prepare you for the postpartum period. 

Ideally, during the cooking party, we will identify a few guests who would like to make regular visits to you after your baby arrives. For example, perhaps one friend may identify that Saturdays will work for a visit for the first four weeks postpartum and another identifies that Wednesday would work. I want to help harness your community to prepare you with the support you will need.

Also during the cooking party, we try to talk through what kind of help you think you would need from your community postpartum and be able to have an open and honest communication with them.  

What will we be doing during the cooking party? 

Upon arriving, three cooking stations will be set up with all the ingredients and cooking equipment you need. Guests will opt for which station they would like to work.

Before cooking, we will go over some logistics together and then have everyone set a brief intention for their cooking. 

During cooking, I will be supporting each station and helping where needed. Generally the cooking itself takes about 2 hours.

After cooking, we will come together to share a meal together and help guide the conversation around your postpartum intentions. Additional options during this time is to play any games and / or make birthing flags together. 

After you leave, I will wait for the food to cool, package, label it, freeze it, and clean up. Once your baby arrives, I will deliver the frozen foods to you. 

How am I going to pay for this?

Why not do a meal train? 

Why a Baby Blessing Cooking Party as opposed to many other meal options postpartum? 

There is magical power in home cooked food that is prepared with and by your loved ones. You can also have choice in what foods you are choosing to nourish your body and be assured that they use the most high quality ingredients coming from the best possible sources. 

Are children welcome during the cooking party?

Absolutely! As long as one designated guest can hang with the children, children are more than welcome. We will work together to ensure there are enough guests to cover the various cooking needs. 

Where do you source the ingredients?

Who took the photos on your website?

Christopher Muzar with Finally Recognized Photography lovingly shot the majority of photos on this website.

Guests from cooking parties shot the remaining photos. 

Still don't have your answers?

Please contact me with any additional questions.